Potential Risks of


Prior to initiating a deposit, we strongly recommend undertaking thorough research to comprehend the associated risks.

The governing entity DOES NOT possess the capability to modify smart contracts. While this ensures heightened safety during unforeseen scenarios, it also empowers users with absolute authority over their assets.

Breezy is on the path towards metamorphosing into a DAO for complete decentralization.

It's important to note that when you stake, you interact with a variety of smart contract platforms, each carrying its distinct risks.

Contract Reviews

Breezy's smart contract codebase is transparently available on our Github. We wholeheartedly invite our user community to collaborate, review, and provide insights on our Smart Contracts.

Nevertheless, even the most comprehensive security reviews can't negate all risks. Exercise caution: refrain from committing funds that are irreplaceable or that might jeopardize your financial stability.