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What is XBOT?
  • Governance Token: XBOT is the governance token for the DeFiXBot project, a Telegram bot designed to integrate DeFi with AI and automated bot technology.
  • Zero Initial Supply: XBOT starts with zero tokens in circulation, ensuring its value can only rise initially.
  • Dividend Rewards: Receive a 10% dividend in ETH on each buy-in and a 4% dividend on each sell-off.
  • Additional Earnings: 50% of transaction fees from the DeFiXBot Telegram bot are shared with XBOT token holders.
  • Profit Potential:
    • Fluctuating Price Scenario:
      • Buy at price X
      • Price rises to Y and then falls back to X
      • Earn dividends on all transactions made by others that occurred while the price fluctuated from X to Y and back to X
      • Sell at the initial price X
    • Result: You profit from the dividends earned during the price fluctuation, even if you sell at the initial price X
  • Low-Risk Investment: With diversified ways to earn and a built-in safety net through dividends, XBOT offers a uniquely low-risk, high-reward investment opportunity in the DeFi ecosystem.
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